Name:  Torrance Harriel


Title/Company:  Director of Operations, Total Safety Guys​


Company Description:  Total Safety Guys provides OSHA and ADA safety risk assessment, OSHA compliance safety training and mitigation services, as well as, safety audits/reviews and the development of new safety plans.


Your role with NAMC-UM:  Board Member, MBE Member


Your Vision for Minority Businesses:  Strengthen and educate small businesses to understand the importance and the implications of having less than when it comes to safety management plans.

Your vision for NAMC-UM:  Continue to drive NAMC-UM safety culture and work towards the creation of a Safety Excellence culture.

With your focus and your experience in business, how can/will you contribute to YOUR vision for Minority businesses and NAMC-UM?  Advocate for change in the minority and women owned business community to present a strong safety culture that benefits, not only the company, but the greater community in conserving our strengths.

National Association of Minority Contractors - Upper Midwest

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ADDRESS:  P.O. Box 130212  Saint Paul, MN 55113

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