Name:  Michael Lopez 


Title/Company:  President & Inventor, Halo Ramp Company

Company description:  Halo Ramp Company focuses on transportation consulting. Halo Ramp Company is a leader innovation and transofrmational processes. 


Your role with NAMC-UM:  Board Member, MBE Member

Your Vision for Minority Businesses:  For MBE to be vibrant businesses and to have a pipeline of opportunities for success. Being involved in collaboratives and partnerships with primes and other corporate entities will better enabling our businesses to produce ongoing financial gains. 


Your Vision for NAMC-UM:   To see the organization step out of the box to establish new relationships and long-term partnership with those who have common interests in building the capacity of minority businesses.  


With your focus on and your experience in business, how can/will you contribute to YOUR vision for Minority businesses and NAMC-UM?  I am a fearless and strategic champion of MBE firms.  I bring a way of thinking and innovating that connect and leverage ideas for community-wide benefit; sustainable wealth building and business growth.  Helping to grow our membership base through training, business opportunities and relationship building.

National Association of Minority Contractors - Upper Midwest

MAIN LINE: 612-295-0600

ADDRESS:  P.O. Box 130212  Saint Paul, MN 55113

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