Name: Keith Baker

Title/Company: President, Pioneer Asphalt Technologies

Company Description: Subcontractor, Highway Bituminous Pavement Removal and Recycle


Role with NAMC-UM:  Board President/MBE Member


Vision for Minority Businesses:  Where the success of Minority Business Enterprises are measured beyond simple their participation, but rather by revenue growth and hire of a capable workforce. 

Vision for NAMC-UM:  A leader in industry that builds capacity of Minority Business Enterprises.

With your focus and your experience in business, how can/will you contribute to YOUR vision for Minority businesses and NAMC-UM?   I am a connector, strategist, and innovator.  This allows me to see and facilitate conditions where by sustainable success for NAMC-UM members, affiliates and partners can emerge.  Believing in a collective genius and the leveraging of relationship equity, I feel strongly that the resources and tools necessary to address underutilization exist within the business development eco-system. They simple need to be aligned. 

National Association of Minority Contractors - Upper Midwest

MAIN LINE: 612-295-0600

ADDRESS:  P.O. Box 130212  Saint Paul, MN 55113

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