Name:  Edna McKenzie


Title/Company:  Owner & CEO, Midwest Select Contracting LLC


Company Description:  We are a diversified general contracting commercial construction and environmental consulting firm. We provide construction management, commercial building, environmental consulting and oversight.   


Your role with NAMC-UM:  Board Member, MBE Member


Your Vision for Minority Businesses:  To increase our collective capacity to secure procurement opportunities; to have access to supported services, mentorships and resources; that MBE’s organize and engage all stakeholders in asserting our public policy preferences at the legislature; that MBE”S communicate our objectives to stakeholders with one voice advocating for procurement opportunities for all us.   We are “Better Together". 

Your vision for NAMC-UM:   That NAMC-UM develops and maintains a sustainable organizational structure to continue its mission to educate, empower, and support its members in business.  It is my vision that NAMC-UM engage all stakeholders in its strategic plan; connect and share successful strategies and build coalitions with the NAMC leadership of other state chapters; NAMC organizes to assert public policy preferences of its members setting desired public policies at the state and federal level; and facilitates mentorships agreements between small, large and similarly purposed companies.   

National Association of Minority Contractors - Upper Midwest

MAIN LINE: 612-295-0600

ADDRESS:  P.O. Box 130212  Saint Paul, MN 55113

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