Selection Criteria:

1)  All participants must have a DBE or MBE designation to be considered for a table at the event.


2)  There is a limited number of tables available at the DBE + MBE Showcase.  However, we strive to include everyone and offer a variety of goods and services to the General Contractors, Agencies, and Procurement Officers, etc. attending the event.  

3)  DBE +MBE firms will be selected based on the information provided on their application.  We will do our best to match your capabilities and capacity to the bid opportunities provided by the General Contractors, Agencies, and Procurement Officers, etc. attending the event. 


Terms and Conditions for Selection and Participation


1) All applicants must complete the Showcase Booth Application form online. 

2)  The Showcase Booth Application must be completed and submitted for consideration by

Monday, February 25, 2019


3)  Applicants will be notified no later than Friday, March 1, 2019.

      a.  Applicants approved for a table are required to attend the two day Event Preparation Workshop scheduled on March 6 and 12, 2019 from 9am - 4pm. This workshop will assist in developing your market pitch, capability statement, and marketing collateral.  If you are unable to attend the workshop, we will reassign your table.

      b.  All DBE + MBE firms (not selected for the showcase) are welcome to attend the Event Preparation Workshop.  This will be complimentary to registered DBE and MBE firms. 

Tell us about you:



Annual Gross Revenue


Business Designations (select all that apply)

What is your industry?


Years Experience


Areas of Operation (select all that apply)

What are 3 Core Services or NAICS DESCRIPTION?

Do you Self Perform your work?


Are you in the Union?


Value of your last 3 bids and scope of work:


How are you improving your capacity and skills as an entrepreneur/business owner?

By submitting this application, you are agreeing that you understand the criteria selection, terms and conditions set forth above.   All applications are reviewed within 48 hours.  You will be notified if your company is assigned a table at the Showcase.

Please remain on this page until you receive a confirmation message that your application has been received.  

National Association of Minority Contractors - Upper Midwest

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ADDRESS:  P.O. Box 130212  Saint Paul, MN 55113

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