NAMC Committees

If you would like to participate in one or more of the NAMC committees, complete the form below.

  • Finance Committee
    Provide financial oversight by planning and monitoring budgets for the organization. Help conduct reviews of financials with quarterly meetings. Strong financial experience is highly preferred for this committee.
  • Membership Committee
    Help grow the organization by seeking and retaining new members. Committee members must have a strong knowledge of the NAMC organization and how it can help its members.
  • Education Committee
    Provide NAMC members with tools to develop and empower its members by implementing speakers and/or workshops throughout the year.
  • Fundraising Committee
    Enlist the help of other NAMC members to develop and oversee fundraising events. This can include but is not limited to grant solicitations and organization events. Fundraising is a critical piece in sustaining the NAMC organization throughout the year.
  • Legislative Committee
    Stay abreast of current bills, laws, and pending legislation that affect our industry. Be a voice for our members to be heard.
  • Internal Process Committee
    Define and fine-tune all processes of this organization. Be able to design flow charts and descriptions of all organization facets. This needs to be done to transition smoothly from year to year, and from one board to the next.
  • Events Committee
    Help plan and oversee membership events throughout the year including our annual summer outing at Seven, and our annual winter gala. These events will require overseeing all event logistics such as generating a budget, appointing event chairs and volunteers, identifying and acquiring sponsors, media/public relations, venues, fundraising activities, décor, and entertainment.
  • Outreach Committee
    Create and implement an annual outreach plan. Cultivate partnerships between our organization and the community at large. Attend relevant community meetings and develop new relationships with other organizations/groups that can add to our own growth.